Hu-Friedy: conseils Covid-19 (en anglais)

Chères Cliente(s), Chers Client(s),

Nous vous joignons ci-dessous la dernière communication de Hu-Friedy, comportant quelques conseils pour bien préparer la reprise et rester productif et proactif en cette période inédite.

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What You Need to Know to Stay Ready to Reopen
Dental practices around the world continue to be impacted by the unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. While no one can say for certain when the crisis will abate, it is important to stay prepared now, so you know what steps to take when your practice reopens to elective procedures. From administrative to clinical to infection prevention tasks, there’s a lot you can and should be doing now to keep your practice in good shape.
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Q&A with Infection Prevention Consultants
Back by popular demand. We have brought together infection prevention consultants for a town hall style presentation that will answer the most common questions about COVID-19 as it relates to dental practices. Space is limited.
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5 Ways to Stay Productive
While this situation is certainly a challenge, there are ways to focus on staying productive and proactive. So, how can you use this time to set yourself up for success when things return to normal?
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Tips for Addressing Infection Prevention
Maintaining a compliant program has never been more of a priority, and digital resources like the GreenLight Dental Compliance Center™ by Hu-Friedy continue to be an all-in-one solution for infection prevention.
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